Features of BenchLab’s Online Course

What our learners love about BenchLab?

"Thank you BenchLab for creating this platform and for making knowledge one-click away."

Nur Adlina binti Haji Yaakub

Learner of Achieving Positive Mental Well-being Online Course

"It was very easy for me to navigate and access, even if it is my first BenchLab course that I have enrolled in. All is perfect."

Dayang Noradibah

Learner of Academic Writing 101 Online Course

I love the fact that we have a forum discussion which I didn’t expect as well as the flow of the slides and the format of the website was easy to navigate. It has an easy feature as on our dashboards it makes it easy to check which courses, I have enrolled in. As well as to check at what % I have already covered the course.

Siti Raheemah Harun

Learner for Beginner's Guide to Front-End Web Development Online Course

It is new for me about the dress code (the colours, the baju kurang plain/minimal prints) and the percentage on how interviewers will judge candidates. I am glad that I enrolled in this course!

Amilah Fadhlina Haji Ismail

Learner of Impress your Interviewers Online Course

The Course was very informative and useful for future reference. Thank you for your hard work.

Nur Fahmena Shafiqah binti Zainudin

Learner of Impress your Interviewers Online Course

Giving opportunities to the public to gain new knowledge and skills taught by passionate people.

Anastasia Rosli

Learner of Freehand Digital Illustration Online Course


Lim Fun

Health & Nutrition Instructor

Taking care of your body doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right dietary plan and the right foods, Lim Fun will show you a sustainable approach in achieving a healthier lifestyle in the long-run.

Esjay Loh

Financial Planning Instructor

It’s not easy being a parent, especially when it comes to budgeting for your child’s well-being. As a certified financial advisor, let Esjay Loh guide you and your family towards a manageable future.

Fata Abdullah

Impress Your Interviewers Instructor

It takes 7 seconds of meeting to make a solid first impression. Make full use of this 7 seconds to impress your interviewers! With the right tips from Puan Fata of @qafahaus, ace your job interview and score a spot.

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