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Brunei December Festival 2021

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Inspire and Create

Hello there! If you’re looking for something fun to do this December and wanna meet new and awesome people, you’ve come to the right place! This year, BenchLab is joining Brunei December Festival 2021 and we are more than thrilled to present to you, 'Inspire and Create'!

Inspire and Create is a series of virtual workshops and sharing sessions conducted online to bring you insight from talents who are experts in their field from photography, music, calligraphy to digital design from the comforts of your home. Find out YOUR hidden potential!


A series of online workshops happening over the course of December taught by skilled individuals to encourage you, avid creators and enthusiasts, to take a step forward towards your passion in photography, music, crafts and/or digital design.

Sharing Sessions

Join Bench Talk with your host, Aina from BenchLab, and get to know how two renowned local artists made a strong impact on their respective music and design industries with their talents! From personal achievements to past challenges, let’s tread on the journey together with stories of music and art this December. Are you ready to make small changes?