It's Coffee O'Clock


How many times have we thought of getting coffee early in the morning before we go to work in hopes that it’ll help us jumpstart our brain or simply, wake us up? I know most of you will say every. single. day because SAME. More than 50% of us drink coffee to become more alert and productive and we believe that it works. Although we drink coffee every single day, do we really know what makes it good? … I don’t! So we have asked our coffee master, Fadhil of Coffee with Dillan to share some important deets on the perfect cup of coffee!

There are three most crucial factors that can either break or make a good cup of coffee, specifically espresso-based coffees as mentioned by Fadhil.  

#1: Beans


Fadhil believes that the first thing you need to know is whether the beans you use is Robusta or Arabica variant and he would mention this in all his workshops with BenchLab. Knowing the species of the beans will act as an indicator on the flavor profile of the coffee that you’re going to make. Robusta, which has higher caffeine content but lower sugar compared to Arabica, means bitter coffee. Likewise, Arabica, which has low caffeine content but high sugar content, means you’ll get yourself sweet coffee!

The flavor of the beans can also determine the area where they were grown. For example, Brazilian beans will not taste the same as Java beans as there are different factors that can cause this – soil, fertilizer, weather, water and altitude. After knowing which beans to use, the next step is to roast the beans. This process changes the green beans to those brown-black beans you typically see at coffee store. Fadhil’s personal favorite is the Ethiopian beans roasted to a medium roast.  

#2: Water


Aside from the beans, water is equally as important because this can affect the taste of the coffee and how the espresso will be extracted. Specific temperature is required when making coffee. For example, it should be fresh - have not been sitting too long and it should taste good enough to drink.

#3: Milk


The other crucial bit is milk - whether it’ll be half-half, full cream, low fat or skim, Fadhil knows everyone has their own preferences but his personal favorite would be full cream fresh milk. For steaming, he usually goes for Devondale Full Cream Milk or Pura Full Cream Milk and shows everyone the actual milk during all his workshops with BenchLab. He prefers these two because it gives him the creamiest and sweetest taste amongst all the milks he has tested to make coffee.

So coffee lovers, if you ever want to make your own espresso to keep you awake, remember these three crucial aspects in making your perfect cuppa!

Although, we know that there will be more to it than just these three and if you’re excited to know the rest from making your coffee taste good to making it visually pleasing, Fadhil will be doing a Barista for Beginner Workshop (14/10) and Coffee Latte Art Workshop (21/10) with BenchLab this month! So what are you waiting for? Join Fadhil and explore more about coffee! To register, click here to have a direct access on the workshops: Barista for Beginner Workshop & Coffee Latte Art Workshop

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