How to cope with (almost) everything thrown at you


Most people have heard of Project Management but only a few understand what it means. The idea of Project Management is making things happen which includes planning, managing the resources and keeping tabs on any constraints that occur along the way as well as making sure there’s a proper closure in the end. But, even reading this would make people say, “What does that mean??”. Worry not. Huwaida Ishaaq has come to the rescue by sharing some insights on Project Management to novices like me!

Huwaida has been an independent Project Management Consultant across number of industries for more than 15 years. Her expansive experience has given her the opportunity to build portfolio of international clients from diverse backgrounds. As she went through Project Management Professional certification a few years ago, she picked up some useful materials that can be shared in the course.  

In BenchLab Project Management Course, Huwaida will be taking you through the basics of Project Management including understanding the success of a certain project. In her previous courses, she introduced some helpful tools to her participants such as Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Critical Path Finding.

So what is WBS? Here’s a summary from Huwaida:

“The WBS helps to drill down activities and tasks that are associated with project deliverables. Knowing what needs to be done can help figure out the cost, cast and the clock hours involved, thereby giving an idea of the overall budget, talent and time it would take to complete a project.”

They used a lot of post-its for this part!

What about finding Critical Path?

“In coming up with the Critical Path, activities are first placed in a network diagram. Each activity is connected to another (or others) in sequence, from start to finish. When you add up the different paths, there would be one which takes the longest time. This is the critical path. What does the critical path tell you? It determines the shortest time in which you consider the project can be completed.”

During BenchLab Project Management Course, the participants were tasked to pitch their original ideas in gaining support from their respective targeted audiences. Such pitching skills are not only important for startups who wish to get potential investors’ attention but are also critical in polishing our presentation skills and boosting our confidence level when faced with our bosses, colleagues and even, interviewers of hiring companies!


A participant pitching her ideas to “investors”

However, the wonderful persona behind this BenchLab Project Management Course has more tips and tricks to share. Look no further on getting yourself organized and productive. Boost your CV and skill sets by joining us on the 19th and 21st October 2018 or 20th and 21st October 2018 and bring a friend to come with you! Click here to register!

Lastly, Huwaida also shared a little not-so-secret during this interview:

“Find joy in projects as I do. Start something. Finish it. Have fun in the middle”.