BenchLab To Pitch In Indonesia


Bruneian startups BenchLab, SoulKonekshen and GameOn yesterday left for Jakarta, Indonesia to undergo a 10-day immersion programme by startup accelerator Digitaraya which will culminate with a pitching event for investment and collaboration.

The three startups, who are from the third cycle of DARe’s Startup Bootcamp, are the first Bruneian companies to be selected and sponsored by Digitaraya – a Google Developers Launchpad initiative – who are also the facilitators for the bootcamp programme which recently concluded.

“The objective is to give the (Bruneian) startups a feel of the Indonesia ecosystem, what are the startups here like, how do they work, and more importantly build their network into the Indonesian market,” said lead facilitator for the bootcamp’s third cycle Md Hadi Shafie Othman. “This also includes pitching to several investors on May 24.”

The startups will also be matched and have the opportunity to network with experts and businesses in their respective fields. Founder of BenchLab Wan Nurul Naszeerah – who host skills workshops by matching tutors with enterprising participants – will have the opportunity to meet with Indonesian startup MauBelajarApa who have scaled using a similar concept.