BenchLab? Skill Tu Eh!

It’s HERE, y’all! We’ve finally let you in on what we have been busy crafting the past few months. While we are already two weeks into Skill Tu Eh series, we still have several more awesome weekend workshops for everyone to choose from and participate! We know a lot of you are probably wondering why we made this bold move. Well, as our country is approaching towards its 35th National Day, we believe it’s the perfect time to share with the world (mostly Brunei) some of our lost traditional skills whilst resolving common problems:

  1. Who said there’s nothing to do in Brunei? With BenchLab, you can count on us to keep you pre-occupied every weekend, learning new skills in informal settings and meeting new people!

  2. Wishing to add texture to your CV or personal brand? Upskill in areas that are less orthodox. You’ll definitely stand out in this era if you’re a man or woman with cultural values!

  3. Give our local talents a chance, guys! BenchLab is empowering Bruneians to share skills with you in exchange with affordable entrance fee— by joining these workshops, you are providing them side hustle income!

  4. Want an in-depth cultural experience of Brunei? Expats, Tourists and even Bruneians are all welcomed to attend this unique way of getting to know the country!

So, what workshops are we hosting this February? Scroll on!

If you have been to a Malay wedding or any special occasion in Brunei, you might be familiar with a Malay percussion instrument called Hadrah. Why is that a thing, you ask?! Well, you can find out more as we bring to you one of the local experts who has taught Hadrah for over 12 years. Psst… Did you know Hadrah is best done in a group? Text your friends now and bring them along!

Guess what? You can forget ordering from a catering service this upcoming Raya celebration! Since so many of you have been asking us to have more cooking or baking workshops, we’ve brought to you two Traditional Kueh Making Workshops with Muna from GeoEats. Not just one kueh. Not two. But Muna will teach you up to SIX types of kuehs. Don’t just sit there — let’s bake ardam, seri muka, pinyaram, bauhulu, wajid and kusui!

Wedding henna is a growing business in Brunei. But, very few locals are able to make safe-to-use Organic Henna from scratch! Chemistry experiments can be daunting so, allow Muna to enlighten you with her well-polished trade secret from the making to branding of Organic Henna!

Job interviews? Eating out? Wedding ceremonies? Wanna feel fab but can’t find the right tudung to suit any occasion? Let BenchLab be the one to tell you that, literally, no one said you can’t have a collection of tudungs that YOU can design to complement your daily outfit. Of course, with determination, you can design your own tudung with our instructor, Adika, as he guides you through the process of creating your own personal style in his last class with BenchLab.

If you’re into Lang Leav or Beau Taplin’s poetry but would love to embrace the Bruneian vibes, tap your inner Malay poet with Kris Karmila. It’s hard to find anyone who appreciates Malay lit — but it’s defo lit if you can tell your partner how much you love him/her in poetry! Here’s an excerpt of Ade Pengiran Cinta:

Sebuah nama tetap rindui
sebuah kasih cinta sejati
sebuah kisah penuh memori
sebuah cinta tiada pengganti

We sure hope you’ll join us! Let us be the first to welcome you to the BenchLab family, which consists of over 600 empowered students since we first started in April 2018. Woot!

Don’t wait too long to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Skill Tu Eh!