5 Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Superdad Deserves

Salam and Hello, upskillers!

 Fathers’ Day is just around the corner. Let’s just all take this day to appreciate our dads and their sacrifices for their kids. Time to show him a whole lot of love for being the rock of the family. 💪 Nothing wrong with giving him that one extra birthday celebration too! 🎁

 The BenchLab Team is totally up for any kind of celebrations and we’re pretty sure your dad could use this weekend to recuperate and spend some time with the fam.

 How are you celebrating this special weekend? Let’s ask one of our team members and her dad.

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Still can’t find a gift for this Father’s Day? 🤔

Let us do the thinking for you! Go grab a cuppa, sit back and just scroll through 😎

📸 Photowalk Series: Composition, Light, Minimalism

Noticed your dad’s old camera gear collecting dust in the corner of the house? Well, time to bring it out for some fresh air ‘cause Saifulizam is here to freshen up your dad’s camera skills!


In this workshop, we’re exploring the different aspects of photography and discovering the various effects the lenses and shutter button can bring.

Learn more about the instructor, Saifulizam of Visual Pro.

📹 Phone Videography Hacks

Sign your dad up for a workshop to document videos from your family events and vacations. A picture speaks a thousand words but let him replay and relive his favourite memories with a video. Fret not – we do not need any special cameras; Fai assures you all you need will be your phone and a laptop!


Find out the easier way to edit videos and who knows, slideshows and surprise videos for family events may just be your dad’s newly found talent.

Learn more about the instructor, Fai of Life of Fai.

👨‍💻 Website Designing 101 & Website Building 101

Is your dad a tech savvy man just tapping into the world wide web? Developing landing pages is a versatile skill to have. From creating online portfolios to homepages, website basics can be a hobby turned into a side income.


This series is a package the beginner coders wouldn’t wanna miss. The tips and tricks behind setting up and running your own site will be all here!

Learn more about the instructor, Sam Chris.

✏️ Character Design for Adults

Let your dad relive his childhood superhero days in a workshop that’s all about designing characters and building a base to create a comic story line. Drawing skills ain’t a requirement for this one. All you need are just pencils, papers and excitement for a visual adventure!

IG ADS - Character Design.jpg

It’s a one-stop crash course to visualising and drawing out your dream comic world!

Learn more about the instructor, Firdaus of Pingako.

👨‍🍳 Healthy Filipino Cooking

Is your dad a health conscious cook? No S.O.S. - salt, oil and sugar - dishes are all the rage these days as we are trying to control our food intake. Let your dad cook up an authentic Filipino feast for the family that's both yummy and healthy!


Can't go for a family vacation any time soon? Bring the Philippines to your dinner table with this workshop.

Wew, pretty sure we struck a few ideas here and there. Wanna know what else we have in store? Browse through our upcoming workshops here and maybe there’s another workshop better fit for your dad!

The BenchLab Team wishes all dads and father figures out there a happy Father’s Day. The resident superhero in the household deserves all the love in the world and we appreciate you. Thank you for everything 🧡

P/S: Wanna join your dad in a workshop? Sign up together and get a 10% off the fee for any workshop.