Hello upskillers! Happy weekend and Salam Ramadhan from Team BenchLab.

Last Friday was an incredibly eventful day for the team. Guess what, BENCHLAB HAS JUST TURNED ONE! 🎉

Presenting to you our event’s “guestbook”! 😋

Can you believe it’s already been a year since our very first workshop?! What a journey it has been.

From the first workshop we had with Humaira of HZNO till today, the skill-sharing community in Brunei has grown so much and we can’t be any happier for this community. Of course, with that, BenchLab has grown along with it and we want to continue doing so!

We want to sincerely thank those who gave us this chance and made this all about you and all for you 🧡

We are celebrating our instructors, our collaborators and our hustler friends in the startup scene. Just a little casual gathering and a whole lot of love from Team BenchLab!

BenchLab would like to thank our honoured guests for attending our humble event as well.

Here’s the Turkish Ambassador, His Excellency Mehmet Suat Akgün, signing our guestbook.

The Australian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Nicola Rosenblum, leaving a message on our canvas.

And here’s one with the U.S. Public Relations Officer, Dr. Daniel Lee, showing his support for the event.

If this is your first time hearing about us, let’s start from the top.

BenchLab is a youth-run startup that aims to connect people who want to teach to people who want to learn. Everyone’s busy, but what about the weekends? 💡 That’s what we’re all about! We wanna make it easy peasy for the community; come to us with an idea and we’ll make it happen. BenchLab handles everything from finding venues to marketing and student enquiries; all you gotta do is teach/learn! 🤩

Since BenchLab first began, we’ve hosted over 1000 hours of workshops and courses with over 100 instructors from Brunei and some all the way from Malaysia and Singapore! With out 3 workshop categories — Arts & Design, Food & Beverage and Life Skills — we’ve upskilled more than 1000 individuals! 🎉 Good job, you guys!

Taking one for the skill-sharing community, we’re working with Progresif, Brunei Events and others to expand our promotion scope and not to forget, our venue partners who are accommodating our workshops! We’ve worked with DARe, Avenue41, Tarindak, It’s A Grind Cafe, Crust & Crumbs, LexCelebr8, Randonnee Cafe, and the list goes on.

Story time of how BenchLab started and a little sneak peek of new things we’ve got in store 🤫 Fun fact: did you know the name “BenchLab” came about ‘cause our founder was stuck in the lab in her uni days? Cute!

Quick flashback to when she was doing her mosquito-borne diseases research at Bhutan’s Ministry of Health as a Yale University Global Health Fellow. You go girl! 👩🏽‍🔬

What’s new with BenchLab, you may ask. Well, we believe in our instructors and their talents, and that is what we want to promote — what you can learn from them and what these skills can get you! We’ve shifted our ads’ focus to, not the product, but what YOU can gain from these skills.

That’s not all, folks. With our website reaching as far as the U.S. and Europe, we are now curating an e-database of our instructors. Find more about them, from their areas of specialty to their average rating, all here on our website — your one-stop info centre for all things you need to know!

Wew! Now, time for some fun and games! Can our guests keep up with BenchLab? 🤔

We hid keywords under their seats before the event started. The first group of 3 to come forward and form one of our many May workshops wins! Congratulations to Mayra Robles of the U.S. Embassy, Shinling and Wen Jei for keeping up with BenchLab!

The winning phrase of the day: Chicken Masala Cooking Workshop! Coming soon by the way. Sign up before it’s too late 😉 We’ve tried it and it’s amazing!

Hey, we gotta commemorate our very first birthday. Say cheese! 📸

After all that movement, we’re famished! Today’s special: CHICKEN BRIYANI! Yums! Did you manage to catch our Chicken Briyani Cooking workshop by the way? 😏

LOOK AT OUR CAKE! 😍 So much love for Aneka Patisserie for making this edible work of art possible!

And the desserts were to die for! 🤤✨

Our instructor, Firdaus of Pingako, having a quick chat with our guests -- Andrew of Memori, Zul of Kapow and Hadi Othman of Digitaraya.

Games were played and tummies are filled. Our event has sadly come to an end. It’s time to say goodbye 😢 We wanna thank those who came, and to those who couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next time.

We’ll move over and let our guests take the spotlight!

Rasyidah of The Scoop leaving a message on our guestbook.

Our former Team BenchLab members showing their support.

Last but not least, here’s one from Team BenchLab 🧡

Thank you for being a part of our skill-sharing journey.

Lots of love from us, and we’ll see you in our workshop/class!

BenchLab — Where Curiosity Meets Skill 🧡