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Passion for coffee, latte art
and banquet/event management

Based in Brunei Darussalam

Grew up in Brunei Darussalam

Teaching at Benchlab since
April 2018





I started my culinary exploration journey back when I was residing in Melbourne, Australia, where I trained to be a professional barista. Café-hopping and learning about the different beans and roasts, albeit in Brunei or overseas, has been a top activity of leisure of mine. In addition, I also trained under various industry partners, such as the Empire Hotel, Yi Yuan Ting, Royal Brunei Catering and Hyatt Borneo. During my training I worked for a range of events, from specialised dinners and butler services to royal banquets and weddings. Currently, I’m a technical instructor at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, IBTE, for more than 5 years.

What motivates me to teach is that I want people to be aware and appreciative of the process involved in preparing the final food or beverage served to you – all the way from the management to the preparation and customer experience. By knowing the different aspects of the culinary scene, you’ll get an insight on the collective effort put into what is served.

With BenchLab, I have taught a number of workshops, namely Barista for Beginners, Coffee Latte Art, Hi-Tea: Kitchen to Table and How to Organise A Perfect Banquet. Weekend workshops allow me to tap into a bigger audience. As these subjects are usually on the more expensive range, I want to make these workshops accessible while also being affordable for the public. I hope to provide people with the knowledge to support a more vibrant local food industry and BenchLab allows me to do just that.





"Personally I really enjoyed the workshop, I never thought, as a working person, I dont have time to learn/attend this kind of workshop, perhaps in the future, other level can be provided (intermediate & advanced level). Or if 3-hours beginner's level, is sound too short to go to the next level, maybe another few hours on beginner's level sound cool too. Being a Barista, I believe not an easy task, required real skill to work on. In the future, if possible, please extend a bit the duration of the workshop, on that day we dont have enough time to know each other in the workshop and makes friends! :) Looking forward on your next workshop! Where curiosity meets skills! "

"I actually had an amazing time. I learned a lot especially in appreciating baristas more. Maybe next time, instead of lattes, we can learn more about making different types of espressos?"

"To have a mini competition in making cofee, that will probably liven things up."

"I believe value for money is a key point for workshop. With $100, I would expect more practical time (most participants get to do one round of making coffee), and also more knowledge transfer instead of just giving out notes. However, $100 will be value for money, if the class size is around 6. So we can have more personal time and also time for discussion with other participants. "


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