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Grew up in Brunei

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June 2018

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I am a full-time Marker Fitter and a freelance Videographer whose passion for making videos began to unfold sometime between 2012 and 2013. Despite years of hands-on experience, traveling, going out and exploring, I still find myself learning new things that help me improve my works every time. Infact, it is through new projects where I continuously gain the opportunity to build my skills and confidence in videography. Frankly, I wouldn’t say I’ve ‘mastered’ this skill just yet. I discovered that people have taken a liking to my works and I enjoy improving my works from one project to the next with new things I pick up along the way. Hence, I gave this industry a go. Since then I have covered various events from weddings to graduation ceremonies. I even had the opportunity to work on advertisements and campaign videos with well-known local businesses!

What many people don’t appreciate is the creativity freedom videography allows you. Even the slightest details of a video, whether it be the tone, visuals, or even perspective, can prompt a strong emotion in the audience. Through my workshops, I aim to encourage the artistic mind to run free without any limits. People often think it’s hard to ‘find inspiration’. Little do they know that videography is never confined to just one method or setting. It is all about finding your own comfort zone in the skill and growing from then on.

With the help of BenchLab, I am able to give the art of videography the exposure it deserves. By demonstrating my own video-creating process, others are then able to learn how they could convey their own stories without using much words to narrate it. I am satisfied to say that this platform has allowed me to not only encourage others to experiment with their skills, but also to ignite that spark of creativity in them!




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