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A young talent instructor
with passion for
sewing and baking

Based in Brunei

Grew up in
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Teaching at Benchlab since
August 2018

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Sewing and baking have always been a passion of mine and I’ve been in the business industry for 6 years and counting, selling womenswear, baked tarts and appetizers. I’ve been invited twice to RTB’s Rampai Pagi. In one of their segments, ‘Dibuang Sayang’, I was given the opportunity to talk about my involvement in recycling old clothes into something useful, and in another of their segment, ‘Lakukan Sendiri’, I showcased my DIY projects, such as making flowers from onions, plastic bottles and so on. Equipped with my passion for upcycling old clothes into practical items, I wish to extend my knowledge on basic sewing, which is a skill you can further use to make your very own baju, skirts, jubah -- the possibility is endless.

My first teaching experience with BenchLab was the ‘A’ Line Skirt workshop as it’s the simplest form of skirt which can be customised further easily by adding pockets, patches etc. Since then, I have taught multiple sewing classes for various products like jubah, fabric file cover and many more. Taking the opportunity, I also have been teaching simple baking classes, such as tarts and biscuits. As of now, I have a taught a total of 12 workshops with BenchLab and I hope for further collaborations.




"I signup for the Modern Baju Kurung and instructor was amazing and talented. I really enjoyed the class!"

"Very good course. I liked it. Im not a beginner and even i picked up some useful tips that i have missed over the years which has solved some of my sewing problems."


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