A young talent instructor
with passion for
fashion and textile

Based in Brunei

Grew up in Brunei

Taught 6
at Benchlab since
April 2018

Instagram Account:




I teach sewing and fashion sketching & illustration. A lot of my practice were from projects during my years in university. After graduating, I took on a freelance designing job for a local social enterprise and that was where I learned how to design and sew intuitively; this took my basic knowledge on garment construction to a whole new level. Working with real customers also made me more aware of the human form and the details needed to produce well-fitted clothes. There are a lot more things to explore and that motivates me to keep practicing and perfecting this skill.

In terms of teaching, I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking that people might not be interested in the academic side of it but I am surprised at how willing they are to learn. I know that I have to improve on my way of delivering information but it takes practice and conducting workshops with BenchLab is helping me build my confidence in that area.

I hope to create an awareness that fashion is not easy and is not something that should be pursued just as a hobby. It can be, but there should be more appreciation towards the construction side of it. By conducting such workshops, I hope students can be exposed to the process and empathize with tailors and those from the industry and to not just buy clothes and easily dispose of them.





"Instructors are very knowledgeable. However it seems they were struggling to provide materials and machines to work on hence effected with time consuming."

"My thought, a one time class is not sufficient. the workshop should be conducted every month/week, at one-time pay. And has different types of class (basic/beginners/advance). Perhaps a runway show from the students? The place was okay but it would be nice if everyone could see the facilitator at once (the facilitator had to repeat few times due to some of us couldn't see the drawing and all sort of noise) and its time consuming. Improving the venue would improve the workshop itself. Apart from that, everything else was perfect. "

"Nothing to improve, it was perfect"


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