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Coach Ed

Instructor for How to Speak Confidently in Public for Teens Course

Whether you are new to training or not, BenchLab is the place for you. As a trainer, you can share your experiences with a wide range of audiences. I have conducted several sessions of public speaking classes for groups of young adults.


Instructor For How to Brew and Calibrate Coffee Course

BenchLab has given me the opportunity to now only teach others what I am passionate about but also understand what people want to learn especially over weekends. It has also given me to meet people especially learners who are just as passionate as I am about coffee.

Ms Tara Esa

Instructor for How to Use Microsoft Access to Create and Manage Database

For me, BenchLab has always been a welcoming and friendly place. The wonderful staff is always keen to assist and introduce you to many interesting students from diverse backgrounds. It's a place where I can combine my love of instructing with my eagerness to meet new people.







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Taught by Brunei’s Industry Players.

We invite diverse local talents from creative to technology-based communities. Topics can range from beginner-friendly to challenging options based on your experience.

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    Our Sales Operator will introduce you to the various products and services BenchLab offers to help you with curating and selling your course! Are you more to teaching online or in-person? Let us know! If you’re brand new to teaching, then you’ve come to the right place! We will help you sort out and give you advice on how to conduct a course.

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    Our Team will review your course content, from the title, the Learning Objectives and your method of teaching so we can accommodate both you and our learners’ needs. Once your course content has been vetted, you can start planning your classes!

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