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A young talent instructor
with passion for
teaching kids

Based in Brunei

Grew up in Brunei

Taught 5 workshops/courses
at Benchlab since
April 2019

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I used to help my mom run a tuition school; this was a decade back. Little did I know this was my passion and something I’d pursue as a career. In 2014, I conducted various programmes for kids aged 2 to 12 years old at a learning centre. It was then when I discovered teaching through play.

While providing children with the space to play, they get to pick up skills and this is where self-development comes in. The simplest act of pouring ingredients from one bowl to another can strengthen their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Sharing materials with one another enhances their soft skills and social interaction. Things like these we tend to overlook but for the little ones, they help them grow in different ways.

My workshops incorporate kids’ play, where they can learn and play at the same time. I started with the Slime Making Workshop, Play-Dough Making Workshop, Crystal Artwork Workshop and Lantern Making Workshop, but I want to continue creating different ones. With these activities, I believe it would help children, not only to have fun, but most importantly, to develop their skills and self-confidence in order to equip themselves for the real world. BenchLab gives me the platform to provide a variety of programmes as such while also allowing me to expand my creativity. I love it when children develop different skill set and coming up with new workshops with BenchLab helps me accomplish exactly that.





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