There are two types of people: The Curious & The Skilled

The Curious wants to learn new skills. But, where can one find a passionate instructor? 

The Skilled wants to teach & share skills. But, where can one find interested individuals? 

Meet BENCHLAB, the first of its kind in Brunei to connect 'The Curious to The Skilled'.

How Did It All Begin?

BenchLab began with a duo's small dream to change the way weekends are spent in Brunei. Our goal was to create a platform where skilled individuals have the opportunities to teach and earn part-time whilst curious individuals have the opportunities to garner new skills, which, perhaps, may lead to new hobbies or business ventures.

In February 2018, BenchLab was shortlisted in the 100-day Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) Startup Bootcamp Cycle 3. It was only on 1 April 2018 when we hosted our very first course, BenchLab Fashion Sketching Course featuring a fashion designer, Humaira Zakaria as the instructor. The best part about hosting such course is experiencing the magical connection between an Instructor and Students! Hence, we want to continue upholding what BenchLab really is: it is "Where Curiosity Meets Skills".

Since then, we have hosted over 3000 hours of courses in the categories of Arts & Design, Food & Beverages and Life Skills. Today, BenchLab also hosts such courses on its online learning platform, offering more flexibility to those who wish to learn in their own time! If you haven't, please take your time to browse our selection of upcoming courses on this website. We hope that you will consider joining us. By participating in one, you are helping skilled individuals earn teaching experience and confidence to grow professionally as well as helping BenchLab to continue providing our services to Brunei and beyond.

If you’re interested to join #TeamBenchLab, to apply as an instructor, to advertise your product/ service, and to hire our private training or team-building services, please send an email to

Thank you.

- Your Friends at BenchLab

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