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August 2018

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I started of as a journalist photographer for The Brunei Times when publication first initiated in 2006. Along with the company, my responsibilities grew over time as I was promoted to Senior Photographer. This was where I learnt the importance of maintaining the quality of the newspaper through photos. Despite having a career change, my passion for photography did not cease but grew stronger instead. I continued to challenge myself in photography competitions, namely the Canon PhotoMarathon and Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship. Becoming the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 Canon PhotoMarathon aspired me to reach for more. I even gained the privilege of learning from the illustrious landscape photographer, Mr Goto Aki. It was at that moment of epiphany where I decided to fully commit to this craft.

To me, photography is a gateway into seeing things differently. Whether it is a scenery or object you are capturing, photography allows you to truly admire the details in the beauty of it all. With technology advancement, it’s easier to manipulate or ‘beautify’ images, rather than to point and shoot the perfect picture. You may think you need the perfect subject to do so - you don’t. You don’t even need to have the perfect camera. But what I do think people need to do is to truly focus and appreciate photography as a form of art. Because once you do, pictures will do more than just visually move you - you’ll begin to see the world in a different perspective.

BenchLab has provided me with a space in which I can teach others how to capture the moment, regardless of your photography abilities. I have conducted a Photowalk series, each session diving into a different aspect of photography - the Photowalk: Light Workshop, Photowalk: Composition Workshop, Photowalk: Minimalism Workshop and the Photowalk: Colours Workshop. I want to make it known that photography isn’t just about shooting pictures - it’s about capturing moments in time. With BenchLab, I hope to help people develop the skills in this old art and discover the magic they can do with the push of a shutter button.






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