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Beatboxing for Beginner Workshop

  • Auditorium, iCentre, Anggerek Desa Simpang 32-37 BSB, BB3713 Brunei (map)

Have you always wondered how people can create sounds and beats with just using their voice? Wafi can show you how! Come and learn a different type of music with him in BenchLab Beatboxing For Beginners Workshop!

Workshop Date: Sunday, 20 January 2019
Duration: 3 hours (1pm-3pm)
Registration Deadline: 19 January 2019
Workshop Fee: BND 35
Venue: Auditorium, iCentre, Anggerek Desa
Recommendation: Bring along your excitement and burning questions about beatboxing!

By the end of this workshop, you are officially #MadeInBenchLab and will know: 1) how to harness the knowledge and skills that are required to make beats of your own using only your voice and mouth, 2) how to understand the basic sounds and techniques required to create a beat/beatbox, 3) how to imitate and create beat patterns, 4) how to understand the use of fillers which will complete and create a flow/groove, 5) how to acknowledge the amount of energy and charisma that is required of a beatboxer to perform on stage, and 6) how to develop a sense of unity and respect whilst jamming or meeting with fellow beatboxers.

BenchLab Talented Instructor: Wafi Rusli of wafirusli. You’ll be learning from a Business Administration graduate with a skill and passion for beatboxing! Wafi has been beatboxing since 2014 and within those four years, he has mastered different techniques on producing beatbox sounds. Wafi believes that adding beatboxing to music can enhance their musicality and eliminate the conventional ways of music that people are accustomed to. Not only people will get to learn to beatbox but having a lot of practice with your vocals can open up more opportunities - In Wafi’s case, it has landed him a job in the creative industry. Wafi believes that garnering these skills can also help in a person’s growth in music as well as in themselves.

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